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In Memoriam:
The Passing of a Pioneer
February 15th, 2014

It is with great sadness that we report the loss late last night of one of Applied Design Initiatives' Founders and Senior Principals, Nancy Ann Weintraub. She struggled through this past year in a very courageous and private battle with a rare cancer, but she never wavered in her fondness for the ADI staff and often spoke of the enormous talent and dedication they exhibit everyday. She loved coming to work, especially in this past year as it was her only refuge from her fight: the only place she was able to feel 'normal' for a few hours. She was a fighter, a hero, a loving mother & wife. She will be missed by all and not forgotten by the ones close to her that she had touched.  

Nancy Ann Weintraub

The Loss of a True Leader in Facilities Design
April 6th, 2010

Morton Glastein, known to all of us as Mort, passed away on April 6, 2010, in his 77th year. He was a wonderful friend and mentor to all who had the honor to work with him. A consummate gentleman, Mort brought many years of experience to each project he touched, and immense humor to those working by his side. After many years of running his own successful interior design firm, many of us had the pleasure of meeting him at GKH, where a strong bond formed. When ADI came to be, Mort joined us in our first year, with the caveat being that he would retire soon to follow his dream of 'living the good life in Florida.' At ADI for nearly 5 years -longer than even Mort intended, it was a bittersweet privilege to host his retirement party. Mort sadly passed from this life 4 months from his retirement. 

Morton Glastein

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